Swiss Dining in New Glarus

Glarner Stube Restaurant, New Glarus, Wisconsin

Last weekend as we bummed through Green County, we stayed overnight in the town of New Glarus, also known as Swiss Town. What a quaint place—actually, there’s enough there to spend a day or two.

Anyway, we ate at the Glarner Stube restaurant and it was divine. You know me, I’m a sucker for an eclectic atmosphere and this place didn’t disappoint. The hospitality was great—lots of New Glarus Beer, if you can imagine that, and traditional Swiss and American food. We had Roesti (swiss fried potatoes), oooh, they were good! And yes, we had to ask what they are—two layers hash browns with swiss cheese between. Delicious, as was our whole meal.

Fun evening—gotta go back sometime and see the rest of the town.

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