Shout Out to My Ladies!

I’m wrapping up National Women’s Small Business Month with a shout-out to all my women-owned clients!

Supper Club Book Features Close to Home

One of the greatest joys of being in business is watching my clients succeed. So when Jaci, of Donny’s Girl Supper Club, told me her restaurant was being featured in ‘Wisconsin Supper Clubs, Another Round,’ I couldn’t have been …

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Difference Between Giving and Taking? NYPL’s 187,000 Images

“DINNER [held by] FOOD AND COOKERY (MAGAZINE) [at] “THE MONICO, LONDON, [ENGLAND]” Generally, professional designers don’t like crowdsourcing. We hold little enthusiasm for so-called “opportunities” offered by profitable companies to submit work—for free, of course—in hopes of …

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Superior’s Slice of Local Color

Name aside (since I’m a believer:-), Thirsty Pagan Brewery is my kind of place. Located in Superior, Wis., it’s laid-back, unpretentious, warm and full of local color. So far, it’s my favorite venue on the tour. Nothing …

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Dreaming of Fresh Food in Freezing Wisconsin?

Just so you know, that’s not a studio backdrop in this photo. It’s snow outside my window. Actually, this is a rather oxymoronic image in that it doesn’t fully convey the blistering-blue cold we’re braving these days, with temps …

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