ADUNATE: ah-du-NAH-tay [Latin] Unite!

We believe words and design are the foundation of visual communication. When they come together in a cohesive measure, oh my goodness, that’s when successful branding really takes root.

So “we” is actually me. I’m Diahann Lohr, queen bee at Adunate. Unless you like refined (weird) spellings of given names, feel free to call me Di. Some might think of Adunate as small, but I think of it as personal, dedicated and focused. Behind me is a collaboration of like-minded craftsmen, e.g. editors, developers, printers, all working together to grow your business.

What’s with the Adunate name? (ah-du-NAH-tay)

When I was in high school I studied Latin. How long ago this was is not something I wish to discuss, but let’s just say enough time has passed for me 1) to have forgotten much of it, and 2) to appreciate its ubiquitousness throughout our lives.

Adunate is Latin for unite. Just as Latin is the groundwork for humanities, science and so much more, so Adunate is for communication, branding and just plain looking good. Et cetera.


How cool is my office?

Adunate works its magic from a 1917 American Foursquare overlooking the farm fields of southeastern Wisconsin. Outside my window is an even older Fachwerk barn that inspires creativity simply by its hand-hewn craftsmanship and rugged fortitude.

Yes, my environment is a bit remote, but my work and ideas certainly are not. My clients span the continent and whether we meet in an office, a coffee shop or on the internet, you can bet that together we’re accomplishing great things. That’s the wonder of doing business today!

Why I do what I do

Life really excites me; I’m enamored by its past, its present and its future. I’m thankful for the world we’ve been given and appreciate the responsibility to sustain it for others. I swoon over a fully ripened tomato from my garden and warm bread from my oven. I’m adamant that all people be treated with the same grace God has shown each of us.

My ideal clients are those who care about the earth and those living upon it. I’m especially giddy when projects in these fields come my way:

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Arts
  • Children
  • Faith
  • History
  • Humanity
  • Natural Food & Living
  • Nature & Animals
  • Preservation & Sustainability





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