Soil Sisters Farm Tour

Soi Sisters Farm Tour 2012

You’ve gotta love a guy who’s not too busy (or hung up on his manliness) to accompany his wife on a Soil Sisters Farm Tour. That was my husband this past weekend. We took a couple days off and headed to Green County, Wisconsin to see six family farms dedicated to local, sustainable agriculture.

All run by women.

Kinkoona Farm, Brodhead, WI

Australian native Suellen Thomson-Link and her three children have an interesting menagerie of sheep, aquaponics and garden produce on their Kinkoona Farm. Her ideas on permaculture are fascinating.


Not only is he cute, he’s curiously friendly as all get out. Joylene Reavis raises up to 200 birds on her Sugar Maple Emu Farm. We learned of the many products for which emus are raised, and their most peculiar noises—males grunt and females ‘drum’!

Green County Barn Quilts

Green County is such a pretty area of the state. Amongst its rolling hills, you’ll find cheese, beer and barn quilts. I had to be quick on the draw as we zoomed past this barn (my husband may be secure in his manliness but he doesn’t slow down much on county highways)…

Green County Barn Quilts, WIsconsin

And this barn…

Barn quilts of Green County, Wisconsin

And this one…

Country church in Green County, Wisconsin

And this countryside church.

Inn Serendipity, Monroe, WI

Lisa Kivirist features vegetarian cuisine from garden-grown ingredients at her Inn Serendipity, an eco-conscious bed and breakfast. I loved the repetition of this granary’s windows, which is now a solar-heated, straw bale greenhouse.

Grassroots Farm, Monroe, WI

Mother-daughter team Gail and Lindsey Carpenter run Grassroots Farm, a 40-acre, organic-certified CSA enterprise. The aroma inside this old barn was glorious!

(Oh, by the way, did you know many health insurance companies offer reimbursement for CSA membership fees? It’s called paying for good health instead of bad health.)

Baby chicks from Grassroots Farm

Soil Sisters come in all ages. This lovely, young marketeer could tell us the breed of each chick and what color eggs it will someday lay. If I didn’t already grow my own food, I’d have signed up for a CSA share right then and there!

Very fun weekend!

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