Collaborative Efforts in Branding

rusty gate in garden, Adunate Word & Design

I found this rusty ol’ gate and thought it fit perfectly in my flower garden. Aren’t its lines glorious? And look how it matches the tin of our farm shed—I do believe they refer to this as shabby chic!

This past week I’ve been participating in styling of a different nature—branding for Wormfarm Institute and its Fermentation Fest. Believe me, there’s nothing shabby about it. It’s a collaborative effort, with Cricket Design Works serving as the workhorse and Adunate simply following behind in the furrow. It’s great fun because not only do I get to work with a highly professional team of designers (something I often miss as a solo-entreprenuer), I can also observe how another agency runs its project.

Cricket Design Works is doing an outstanding job. The team has designed exquisite logos and supporting lockups (iconic imagery) for both organizations. They’ve obviously done their research because their work captures the heart of Wormfarm Institute and Fermentation Fest.

My part in this is to apply these identifying elements to the promotions I create for Fermentation Fest. It’s super easy because Cricket Design Works put together a style guide detailing everything from colors, to fonts, to layouts. No matter how many different agencies work on Fermentation Fest promotions, there will now be consistency in every visual component.

This, my dears, is what we call branding!

So back to my gate (which coincidently doesn’t really have anything to do with branding, I just want to show it off): In the weeks ahead, while I’m admiring the artistry of flowers weaving their way through its lattice, I’ll also be working on the event guide for the 2015 Fermentation Fest. It’s going to be a great project, thanks to Cricket Design Works.

Stay tuned!

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