Octoberfest and Aurora Borealis

Every year we do our own Octoberfest Brewery Tour. This year we’re packing our bags and prepping our palates for ICELAND!

How Culture Influences Design

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, let’s talk culture and how it influences graphic design. The book “Joyful” helps explain.

Good Process Means Good Product

Design projects are often a long haul. Here’s the five step, design thinking process I used for my latest project—a Wisconsin State Park poster!

Fighting COVID With Education

We can all do our part to fight COVID. I’m thankful for a project that helps educate people of COVID and the medical care available to them.

Do They Do Beer In Charleston?

Guess where we’re headed for our 2021 Octoberfest Brewery Tour? Check out my promotional poster!

Art vs. Graphic Design

Golf and Art: A promotional brochure challenges me to stretch beyond my norm.

The Fine Art of Cartography

I have two mapmaking projects in the works. My inspiration? A collection of antique maps found in the attic of our 1917 American Foursquare.

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