10 Ways Restaurants Are Using Social Media

How’s this for a great infographic? It’s put out by the makers of Digital Dining, an integrated management system that helps food industries better serve the people they feed.

Finding this graphic was timely because I’m currently working on a website for Donny’s Girl Supper Club. Recently, I asked owner Jaci Mueller how her restaurant has changed since she was a girl and her parents, Donny and Sue, owned it. Jaci is proud to offer the same service and quality her parents worked so hard to achieve for 22 years. Yet there is one thing she does quite differently—advertising. As in social media advertising.

Jaci’s a savvy marketer, particularly on Facebook. She’s regularly tantalizing us with pictures of her daily dinner specials or reminding us it’s Friday and we need to drive out to the country for a good ol’ Wisconsin, family-style fish fry. She even uses Facebook to advertise her job opportunities.

Jaci and I discussed ways to further develop her Facebook and how to incorporate the awesome photos her niece Mariah shot for our website. We also brainstormed ways to encourage greater conversation amongst her Facebook fans (which already is quite active, by the way).

How about some of these ideas?

  • “It’s our bartender’s birthday! C’mon out and wish him a happy day!” (Jaci’s clientele is a close-knit family, she could also do this for customers—given the right person:-)
  • “Thirty-two years ago today, my parents bought the restaurant. Remember those early days?”
  • “The weather’s steamy now, but snowmobile days will come soon enough!” (Jaci says she has a fun photo of customers’ snowmobile helmets filling her hat rack).
  • “State health inspector made a surprise visit. As always, we passed with flying colors!”

All of these work to create a feeling of family for Jaci’s Facebook fans. They enable a sense of belonging, which is something we all crave. They even give us a sense of ownership, if you will, because we learn to know Donny’s Girl Supper Club in a more personal way. Most importantly to Jaci, they motivate us to come to her restaurant.

By the way, today is Friday! Are you coming? Donny’s Girl offers the best fish fry in Wisconsin!

Donny's Girl Supper Club website homepage

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