What Is It, National Productivity Week?

light coming through barn roof
Lately everyone seems to be talking about productivity. Like how to stay productive. Or why getting up early improves productivity. Or how we schedule our days.

If I’m going to write about productivity, I have to show a picture of our barn. Here it is a few years ago during mid-shingling. My husband, who’s the most productive person I know, would normally do a job like this himself but that summer he was super busy. Plus I really didn’t want him crawling around on such a pitch, on a 2-story barn, with a concrete cow yard to catch him if he fell. Instead, we hired a roofing crew. For two days, they were the most productive people I knew.

Doesn’t our barn look cool with the light shining through?

When it comes to organized productivity, I could easily find room for improvement. I love keeping to-do lists and checking off completed items, but I’m also easily distracted. Sometimes I find it hard to focus. Or it’s hard to prioritize my projects. We all have this problem from time to time, right?

A lot of people are saying good things about Ed Gandia’s upcoming 3-part class: “Effortless Productivity: How to Accomplish 30% More Every Day Naturally and With Less Stress.” It sounds interesting, but I’m not sure I want to spring the $97. Then I’m reminded of the adage of spending money to make money…am I being just a bit airy as I make up my mind?

I have until tomorrow to decide.

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