Gardening in the Dead of Winter

Michelle Eggert, ConferenceDirect, ad in National Gardener MagazineToday there’s a blistering blizzard outside but working on this gardening ad is like getting flower catalogs in the mail—spring is always just ahead!

Michelle Eggert, of ConferenceDirect, called me a few weeks ago about doing an ad for National Gardener Magazine. As a certified meeting professional, she helps organizations locate and secure venues for their gatherings. She has more than 20 years’ experience, so she’s obviously a proven winner at what she does. But she also wants to break ground in a new market—that of the garden clubs—and she needs to reintroduce herself.

As Michelle and I brainstormed her audience’s demographics, we concluded many garden clubs have little experience in finding venues for their conferences. In fact, not only do they lack the know-how, they don’t even understand how hard it can be. Our objective is to present them with the challenge at hand and show how Michelle can help.

Here’s what we’ve come up with.

We want to talk shop, but not conference planning shop. We want to communicate directly to gardeners, but not in an overly pun-ish way. Above all, we need to do this knowing we have only a micro-moment of the viewers’ attention.

Thanks to Michelle, her husband, her gardening friends, and my daughter (who has more creativity than she knows), we’ve accomplished these goals beautifully!


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