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I’ve been doing some interesting copywriting for Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS). They’re an award-winning Verona, Wis. company that provides exciting land and water recreational products to businesses like campgrounds, camps, YMCAs, hotels and municipalities. Really, for the sole purpose of effective product research, don’t you think I need to spend a day just playing on them?

All fun aside, this project is intriguing because it’s a style of writing different than I normally do. A majority of my copywriting is business-to-consumer (B2C), however, the writing I do for CRS is business-to-business (B2B). And while consumers and businesses are normally quite different in how they’re motivated to buy (a topic for another day), it’s also important to note their similarities.

Recently, while briefing me for our latest project, CRS Marketing Specialist Carrie Petty mentioned four trends jumping out in the commercial recreation industry:

  1. Active play: Active, as in get off your duff and get going! These days active play is a common buzzword as we strive to improve our health.
  2. Multi-generational play: Multi-generational living, in general, is making a comeback. So why not play, as well?
  3. Sustainable play: Americans are now red, white, blue and green. Of course, we want the places we play to support, rather than take away from, their environment.
  4. Back-to-nature play: Here’s that green factor again. “Natural playgrounds” feature time-honored childhood delights such as rocks, sand and water.

Interestingly, these four trends—active, multi-generational, sustainable and back-to-nature—aren’t exclusive to the recreation industry. From B2B to B2C, they’re showing up everywhere. Have you noticed?

Do you use them in your marketing? If so, how?

2 thoughts on “These 4 Trends are Everywhere”

  1. The sustainable and back-to-nature is pretty obvious these days. It’s a huge selling point. However, if they’re going to take on a sustainable image, they have to carry it through in all areas of their branding. An environmental agency should print their brochures on recycled paper rather than high gloss. A green restaurant should use healthy and local ingredients. Yes, it’s more expensive but spend more, earn more.

  2. Thanks Badger Babe, you’re so right. I love when branding carries through even to the building and decor. Alterra Coffee in Milwaukee is an example. They’re located in historic architecture and use repurposed artifacts for their decor. Check them out here:


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