Involving Participants Makes Conference Fun

WLSTC teachers' conference program cover

I’ve got an interesting project going on right now and, being a history buff, I’m really enjoying it. It’s the program and promotional pieces for the annual Wisconsin Lutheran Teachers’ Conference.

How’s the cover looking so far?

In previous WLSTC programs, we’ve always used stock photography for the imagery. This year we’re doing something different. Because the committee chose “Your Statutes Are Our Heritage” as its theme, based on the Bible verse Psalm 119:111, we decided to celebrate heritage by using historical photographs instead of stock.

Real photos from real schools. That’s my husband wearing a suit in the lower, left corner—you certainly don’t see elementary students in such attire nowadays, do you (my husband either, for that matter)!

So, we’re now in the process of gathering photos. We’ve contacted all the schools in the WLSTC district and not only are they getting involved, they’re responding with gusto! I’ve gotta say, opening my email has been so much fun these days—like a trip back in time!

Here’s what’s really great about this project: It gives participants some ownership. Those who submit photos not only feel part of the project, they’ll go to the conference with a greater sense of belonging. More interest. More enthusiasm. Because, hey, their picture is part of the program!

Want to participate?

There’s still time, but not much. Contact me right away and I’ll let you know how to submit your photos.


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