It’s Autumn, It’s Conference Season

Wisconsin Lutheran State Teachers' Conference

Besides being my favorite time of year seasonally, Autumn is also my busy time of year professionally. It’s conference season. That means I’m designing programs and all the promotional materials that make a successful event.

Starting off the season is Wisconsin Lutheran State Teacher’s Conference (WLSTC), an annual event coordinated by Kris Snyder. She does a super job. She’s organized, on time, and follows up on all the details.

These days more and more organizations are choosing to publish their conference programs online instead of having them professionally printed. WLSTC is doing the same. They’re publishing their program as an online pdf and giving viewers the option to print it themselves.

This is a great cost saver, but it also presents special design considerations. We want the program to look good. We want it to be as readable online as it is in hardcopy. And we certainly don’t want the viewer spending a fortune in deskjet ink.

Here’s where knowing things like layout, typeface, spacing and size is most beneficial.

Have a conference coming in the months ahead? I’ve got the knowledge. Let me help make your program look good, be readable, and cost efficient.

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  1. Wisconsin Lutheran Teachers’ Conference has always been one of my favorites… now I know why… they use one of the best graphic designers around! ;-)


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