Can You Really Make It in the Gig Life?

The Tea Shop Girls, by Laura Schaefer

It used to be freelancers were considered vagabond-ish, unfocused and perhaps even less qualified. Nowadays, we know this isn’t true. In fact, not only have freelancers gained the respect they well deserve, they’ve also become the fastest growing segment of today’s economy.

And they’ve gained a label for their self-employed lifestyle: The Gig Life.

In today’s podcast, I’m so excited to introduce Laura Schaefer, who for more than a decade has lived the gig life and is doing so quite successfully. Laura is the author of The Tea Shop Girls, The Secret Ingredient, the Planet Explorers Travel Guides for Kids and other books, feature articles and educational works.

Laura has great insight to living the gig life; what’s worked well for her and what she sometimes finds challenging. And most interesting, as a soon-to-be first-time mother, Laura talks about her aspirations for working after her daughter is born and coordinating her schedule with her husband, who also lives the gig life.

Here she is—Laura Schaefer!


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