Chicken or the Egg?

Branding or Marketing: Which Comes First?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? We’ve debated this question for generations, have we not? Thankfully, when it comes to branding vs. marketing, the answer is much less scrambled (sorry, I couldn’t resist). …

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Marketing Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Okay, we hear this all the time: life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Like when you explore places you’ve never been. Or hang a shingle for your own business. Or, in my …

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Can You Really Make It in the Gig Life?

It used to be freelancers were considered vagabond-ish, unfocused and perhaps even less qualified. Nowadays, we know this isn’t true. In fact, not only have freelancers gained the respect they well deserve, they’ve also become …

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A Chatty Introduction to the Gig Life

Things are so interesting in my yard right now. At night we’ve got a Barn Owl hanging out and screaming like a murderous woman. Apparently, this species of owls is a rarity and we’re privileged …

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