Transform Complex into Simplex

Simplex Code Manager
Have you ever watched NBC’s Parks and Recreation? Well, the few episodes I’ve seen culminate my knowledge of anything municipal. Obviously, it’s not much. So when Tim Schwecke, of Civi Tek Consulting, called, I knew I had some studying to do.

Simplex Code Manager

Tim is an AIC certified consultant to city planners and he’s come up with a great product to simplify their job. He’s created Simplex Code Manager, an online resource city planners can use to build unique planning and zoning websites.

Tim wanted help with marketing his product. Together, we did an ad for Planning, the magazine of the American Planning Association. We also did a product sheet Tim can print and give to potential clients, or viewers can download from his website.

My big time studying came with the editing. Tim asked me to check the content he’d already written and make it marketable to his target audience. Tim knows his product well and had written great copy. All we needed to do was tone down the IT lingo a bit and tighten verbiage for a quicker reading.

Know any city planners? Pass along Simplex Code Manager—it’ll make their job much easier!

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