Beefy Bathing?

Cows in Jefferson County, WI

I love the diversity of my job!

Today I met with a new client, a longstanding law firm needing a promotional brochure. Their office is a beautifully renovated, old building—beautiful, traditional and formal. Think golden for bricks and navy for professionalism.

Afterward, I stopped at the fairly new Water House Cafe and Bakehouse for a summer lemon tea and blueberry scone. Think green, sustainable, eclectic and so very delicious!

And because I didn’t want to eat in my newly cleaned car (that’s gonna last as long as my resolution to not eat at the computer), I stopped at a Rock River wayside.

Look at the fun view across the river.

These beefy boys came moseying on down for some slurps and wading in the water. I like how they just stared at me.

“Hey, lady,” they’re probably thinking. “What’cha doin’ chillin’ on our river?”


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