Wednesday Webs 6-15-11

Cut River Bridge, Upper Peninsula Michigan

Two weeks ago my husband and I took a 4-day rendezvous around Lake Michigan. We spent two of those days meandering—no rigid schedule, no real destination, no defined plan. I love traveling this way.

Here are a few places we hit:

  • Captain’s Walk Winery in Green Bay, WI, is so cool. It’s located in a restored, historic building and the wine is superb.
  • Driving through the U.P. and need a stretch? Here’s a historic, cantilevered bridge over the Cut River as it flows into Lake Michigan. There’s a great network of trails through the woods, under the bridge and to the lake.
  • With an old growth forest of red and white pines, Hartwick Pines State Park is reminiscent of northern Michigan before and during the logging era.

maple burl

Look at this burl. Can’t you just see a beautifully turned bowl? Oh, that’s right. This is a live maple growing in Hartwick Pine’s treasured old growth forest. Go find a downed tree somewhere else, okay?


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