Well, March Was Interesting

Stay-at-home orders help us appreciate Wisconsin’s wonderful small businesses even more.

Fermentation Fest Converges Once Again

It’s been a full month, but I’m still sighing with warm reminiscings of our Octoberfest Brewery Tour. The culmination of this glorious trip was Fermentation Fest in Reedsburg, Wis. We couldn’t have had a more flavorful or beautiful …

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Beautiful Bayfield

Early morning walks have their rewards, don’t you think? This was our view in Bayfield, Wisconsin as we meandered through the town. Admirably, the locals were also up and hard at work tidying up after the weekend’s invasion of Applefest tourists. Located …

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Labors of Love Preserve Historic Cemetery

When it comes to doing business with family, the rule of thumb is don’t. But here is a design and copywriting project for which I was not only happy to throw rules to the wind, I was downright …

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Crabapples and Emotions: Marketing Like You Never Knew

Folklore says that fruit- and nut-bearing trees in their mast year are predictions of a hard winter. If that’s true and my crabapple trees are to be considered, then, yep, a strong winter is on its way. My trees are loaded. Apparently our …

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