When Summer Solstice Calls

With each passing year, I’ve felt a growing urge to spend summers away from my desk. My gardens beckon with alluring voices. So do the trails and rivers. And, oh, my sweet, sweet grandchildren. Each summer, the early morning hours I spend outdoors seem to fly by faster and faster (time does that as we age, does it not?) and I find it harder to bring myself inside to start Adunate’s day.

One day last August, I marched into the house and announced I was taking the next summer off. It’s easy to blow such bravado for something so far into the future. Now, it’s the first of February, the earth is frozen, and I’m cozy in my office doing work that I love. It’s hard to imagine the idea of taking time off. What about my summer clients and their annual projects, some of whom I’ve been working with for more than fifteen years? Do I really want to take the whole summer off? Have I said that I love my work?

Interestingly, my church just finished a sermon series that spoke to my heart. It’s called Busy Body. It’s not that I’m so unbearably busy in this season of my life, but we all need help slowing down, listening to God, and focusing on what’s truly important. Folks, this is really a wonderful series and I encourage you to check it out.

So, anyway, yes…

I’ve decided, yes, I’m definitely taking this summer off. I’m taking a sabbatical, as they say (although that sounds a little too formal for me), and it will be from the summer solstice (June 21) through the autumn equinox (September 22). This will enable me to wrap up Adunate’s spring projects and then participate in the natural rhythm of my gardens. I’m still trying to decide to what extent “taking off” should encompass. Should I forego emails? Give up social media? Do I want to? Can I? Whatever I decide, it will definitely be an interesting experiment.

So, my fellow solo entrepreneurs, have any of you taken off for an extended time? How did it go? Any advise for making it worthwhile? And how was it coming back to work?

My plan is to come back in September full of energy, perspective, and creative ideas. In the meantime, I have five months until the Summer Solstice. Drop me a line!

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