Fighting COVID With Education

Two years ago an acquaintance predicted that within six months we’d all know someone who has contracted COVID-19. Within a year, he said, we’d know someone who’s died from it. Little did we realize how true these predictions would be.

Since then, opinions on COVID have been as divisive as the disease itself. At first we argued its reality, now we argue how to deal with it. Through it all, this devastating virus speaks loud and clear—it’s here, it’s a public health crisis, and it doesn’t care about anyone’s unalienable rights. No matter what we want to believe, the facts show COVID has knocked the warm, cozy socks right off our feet.

During times of universal crisis, it’s our human responsibility to care for others. If we’re Christians, we have an even greater responsibility because we’ve been commanded to care for others more than we care for ourselves.

Compared to, say, my brother who is a firefighter/EMT or my sister who works in home health care, both of whom are working to fight COVID, I’ve been feeling a bit of a slough. So when Saúl Juárez Aguilar of ProHealth Care’s Hispanic Health Resource Center contacted me about COVID educational projects, I was happy to oblige.

The Hispanic Health Resource Center serves the families of Waukesha County, a community just outside metro-Milwaukee. According to CDC data, people of color have up to three times the likelihood of getting sick and dying from COVID due to factors such as overcrowded households, occupations, and inadequate access to health care. This last point is one the Hispanic Health Resource Center aims to change in Waukesha County.

As Saúl described his project to me, he expressed concern that Hispanics in Waukesha County are not receiving the proper information regarding COVID. In order to “demystify,” as he says, the flood of content on social media (unfortunately, much of it false), his team is working on newsletters, posters, virtual workshops, and other means of educating people about the virus and the medical care available to them.

I’m proud to be part of this mission!

Which takes me back to responsibility. We can’t all be medical professionals helping to heal the sick. Nor can we all be teachers, food providers or other essential workers. Nonetheless, whatever our skills or position in life, there are positive ways to fight COVID. Do your research from credible resources. Wear a mask. Get vaccinated.

Above all, show love, joy, and peace.

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