The Hopefulness of Spring

Happy sun-crossing-the-equator-moving-north-in-the-sky day. Happy vernal equinox day. Happy, happy, happy first day of spring!

For the last four years we’ve marked spring by tapping our maple trees. We started with three trees, then five, then six. We haven’t even finished this year and I’m already planning for next—12 taps in eight trees.

Addicting? So they say.

There’s a great simplicity in collecting nature’s first gift of the season. The steady drip into the bucket. The patient simmering down to a syrup. These lovely jars of homegrown love. They’re a sweet celebration of the hopefulness of spring.

This year, spring seems especially promising, doesn’t it? Even here in Wisconsin, where, for whatever reason, we got a slow start with the COVID vaccine, there’s an air of normalcy in the forecast. A return to life, doing the things we love with the people we love. I can’t wait.

What I’m looking forward to in the months ahead

  • Gathering with family
  • Playing with grandchildren
  • In-service church
  • Putting the extra leaves in our dining room table
  • Working in a coffee shop
  • Gathering with friends
  • Meeting my clients in person
  • Dane County Farmers Market on the Square
  • In-person yoga
  • Gobsmackin’ good breakfasts with those I love

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