A Valentines Story of Working Together

It’s the season of love and I’m so excited to give shout-out to my dear client, Liz Nitardy and her Hymns in my Heart.

Liz called me last year and it didn’t take more than a few minutes of conversation to realize we were two cuts from the same mold—we shared interests, values, and more than a few personality quirks. Liz is far more fascinating, however. She began a hand-calligraphed greeting card business more than 25 years ago and has since crafted a highly exclusive line, all based on the endearing words of Lutheran hymnology.

Liz had a firm grasp on her business brand. She knew what she wanted it to be and she understood her customer base well. She was looking to expand into the electronic world, both with her card production and her means of marketing. What she needed were the final makings of a logo and an e-commerce website. I was proud to help her with both.

Here’s where the fun begins. Here’s where I give shout-out to linking together—as professionals, as entrepreneurs, as creative minds —because when caring people get together and encourage one another, amazing things happen. Let’s just say business opportunities can go hearts-on-fire!

Liz was researching professional print agencies when I mentioned Badger Group, located right there in her hometown of Fort Atkinson. I’ve worked with Badger reps Jayne Pfeifer and Peter Nysted for years and value them explicitly, not only for our professional relationship but as sincere friends. For Liz, they came through far and beyond. Badger set her up with an electronic storefront that connects straight to their printing presses. Badger then gets her cards out the door and off to customers in a timely manner (I can attest to this because I bought a stock of Liz’s cards for myself). All this leaves Liz with time to do the things she loves: design work-of-art greeting cards, manage her growing business, and spend time with her beautiful family.

Working together is what Adunate is all about. If you need help with your business, give me a holler. Together we can build a brand and market it to your profitable customer. And when collaborative needs arise, I can connect you to the next helpful resource of caring people.

In the meantime, check out my work for Hymns in my Heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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