Shout-Out to Tietz Family Farms on National Ag Day!

It’s National Ag Day and what better time to showcase my new client—Tietz Family Farms from right here in Watertown, Wisconsin.

Tietz Family Farms is exactly what their name says: a family farm. As in eight generations strong. Isn’t that amazing? It’s owned and operated by Randy and Tammy Tietz and their three children. Together they produce homegrown popcorn, seasonal produce, pork and eggs. All their products are topnotch, of course, but let’s just take a minute and drool over their popcorn—six varieties, world-famous, and each as tasty as the next.

Popcorn and farm photos by Tammy Tietz

Like most farm market vendors, the Tietz’s were adversely affected by COVID. Their biggest selling venue, Dane County Farmers Market, closed its traditional market for the season (this year is still pending). The Tietz’s also sold at smaller, outlying venues, however, those too were continuously stressed. Tammy, being the savvy businesswoman that she is, looked for other ways to sell her products—she opened her farm store every Saturday morning (you’ve gotta check it out!) and she called me for an e-commerce website.

Tammy was looking for a new online presence. Their current site was done very well in its day, but now, almost ten years later, it was out of date. Tammy also wanted more managing control. A customized, WordPress, e-commerce site is the perfect solution.

Tammy and I are just about done and ready for a big online presentation. Be sure to check back next week. Tammy’s got delicious recipes for you and lots more to come. You can bet everything is tasty good!

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