Wednesday Webs 11-9-11

Philadelphia Rust Belt

Last week this Rust Belt Sustainability article caught my eye. We’d just returned from our week-long excursion and many of the cities we drove through—Chicago, Gary, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Lansing—certainly fit the bill as “rusty” cities.

Rusty or not, these 20th century-developed cities have begun renaissance movements that include beautiful architecture, distinctive restaurants and trendy art scenes.

  • Katherine Westerhout has captured stunning images as a Rust Belt architectural photographer.
  • From autos to agriculture, Urban Roots is a documentary following Detroit’s changing dynamics.
  • Red, White & Blueprints, another documentary, will be out in 2012 and seeks to inspire the revitalization of five Rust Belt cities.

Do you live in the Rust Belt? What initiatives has your city taken on?




1 thought on “Wednesday Webs 11-9-11”

  1. I love the photo of whatever that is. So many interesting cityscapes to see as the world changes.

    I just found out about another event for your list: a painter named Jen Clausen went on bike ride through the Rust Belt last summer and did a series of paintings. She is presenting her at 2716 Atwood on Dec. 9 and 10.

    Link to her blog about her project here:

    It sounds interesting, and her work is beautiful.


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