Continuing My Mural Collection

Hahnemann University Hospital

October is Mural Art Month and what better way to celebrate than to visit Philadelphia and its Mural Art Program. Our four days there last week gave us opportunity to see the most beautiful works.

Independence Starts Here

Above is the Hahnemann University Hospital mural. It’s located on N. Broad and Race Streets, and we passed it every time we went back and forth from our hotel to the downtown attractions.

Philadelphia subway mural

Market East Station Mural

On Sunday, we met up with fellow Wisconsinites (friends of our son) at the Field House and watched Green Bay Packers beat the Vikings. This subway station mural is just outside the restaurant.

Common Threads mural in Philadelphia

Common Threads

Isn’t this mural beautiful? It’s been headline news lately since its $20,000 reglazing and repainting renovation was recently completed. When artist Meg Saligman originally painted it in 1997, it was the largest and most expensive mural of the time.

It’s located at N. Broad and Spring Garden Streets.

People's Progression Toward Equality

People’s Progression Toward Equality

“With malice toward none, with charity for all” —Abraham Lincoln

I found this mural at Ranstead and S. 8th Streets.

Lorenzo and Sons Pizza

Lorenzo and Sons Pizza

How’s this for business promotion? You can’t miss this mural on 305 South St. I love how the colors coordinate with those around it—the reds, the blues, the cream.

Creative Book Manufacturing, Philadelphia Murals

Where Girls Grow Strong

This mural is on the Creative Book Manufacturing building at 1422 Callowhill St. We must have run across it during one of our aimless wanderings down run-way streets. I’m sure I couldn’t find it again without a GPS!


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