Living the Promise Ministries, Johnson Creek, WI

Rick Stephenson, of Living the Promise Ministries, feels strong in his faith and his mission to proclaim it. He’s a phenomenal example of religious affiliates who acknowledge the word “marketing” and are not afraid to use it in their ministries.

Living the Promise Ministries, Inc., is a dynamic ministry developed to help people live the promises of God. As an evangelist, Rick uses both his speaking and musical talents to glorify God.

Rick needed an updated and more professional look for his website. He wanted interaction (in this case Flash) yet felt it should be tasteful and subtle. Rick provided excellent graphics to work with—professionally photographed portraits and a vector-image logo, which enhanced the professionalism of his website and ministry.

Additionally, Rick wanted a shopping cart page for his cd “Sanctuary of My Heart” and a blog site for news updates. I customized a WordPress template to match his website and after putting up with my 2-hour tutorial, Rick was set to go with an attractive and user-friendly blog.

Great imagery. Beautiful music. What a fun site to work on!

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