Heart in Focus


Recently Jeff Davis of Cornerstone Stewardship Ministry and David Kehl, of the Wisconsin Lutheran Ev. Synod, joined together in authoring a personal financial course called Heart in Focus. This project was multi-faceted for them and they asked me to join in two parts: a logo and a Powerpoint series.

As a Christ-centered financial course, Heart in Focus addresses the inner struggle of our hearts—the pull of our old sinful self against the pull of our new self, saved by grace. Jeff wanted a simple, bold logo to convey this idea. We came up with the logo pictured above and also individual “old self” and “new self” logos.

Additionally, this project consisted of a series of six PowerPoint presentations to be used in group training sessions. As a graphic designer, I don’t spend a lot of time with PowerPoint but after a few tutorial sessions I found the Microsoft program a piece of cake (ah, the snobbiness of an Adobe user:-).

My goal was to create slides above and beyond the average (and often humdrum) PowerPoint. To do this, I encouraged a limited amount of text in each frame and used large, closeup and uncluttered imagery.


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