Calling it a Day at Central Waters

Central Waters Tap Room, Amherst, WI

Are we getting old if we can’t handle a multi-brewery crawl? Apparently so, because even though there are three outstanding breweries in the Stevens Point region, after visiting two of them my husband and I were ready to call it a day.

After touring Stevens Point Brewery, we immediately headed 17 miles east to Central Water Brewing Company.  I’ve always been interested in this crafter because of its environmentally sustainable brewing practices. Plus, our local stores in the southern part of the state carry their product and it’s mighty darn good!

In 2007, Central Waters upgraded its facility with a new building, which includes a fun, friendly taproom. When we arrived it was crowded with people, many of them bicyclists, enjoying both the beer and a view of operations beyond the bar.

Central Waters Brewing Company, Amherst, WI

Beer is made from four primary ingredients: grain, hops, yeast and water. So realistically if you’ve been on one or two brewery tours, you’ve pretty much been on them all. Unless, of course, your tour guide is loads of information and entertainment. Ours was both.

O'so Brewing Company, Plover, WI

So what tasting did we whimp out on? The should-not-be-missed O’so Brewing Company of Plover.

O’so is a company receiving rave reviews and one I’d definitely like to go back and visit. Besides brewing and serving its own series, the O’so Taproom offers 40 Wisconsin beers on tap every day (except Sunday). Forty!

I finally did get to sample an O’so Octoberfest later in the week while at Fermentation Fest in Reedsburg. Both the beer and the fest were superb so stay tuned for more on that to come.

Our previous stop: Stevens Point Brewery, Stevens Point. Our next stop: South Shore Brewery, Ashland

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