Superstorm Sandy and the Importance of Giving

Philadelphia, night before the Hurricane Sandy

My husband and I were in Philadelphia over the weekend just before the surge of Hurricane Sandy. To say it was interesting is an understatement. In mayhem-filled grocery stores, checkout lines ran the length of every aisle. In neighborhood coffee shops, people contemplated the water resiliency of their apartments and whether their subway stops would stay open.

Meanwhile, my husband and I hunkered down at the historic Conwell Inn, located at Temple University (I just love that inn). At midnight of the night before the storm, we walked around campus and there was a fascinating calm/eerie/excitement in the air (the students were ecstatic because classes had already been cancelled:-). We debated whether to stay our full reservation, but in the end left the next day before things became too chaotic.

That’s the extent of our hurricane adventure—obviously nothing too dramatic. It did give us cause for reflection though.

Whenever my husband and I visit large urban areas, we’re reminded how naive we are of life outside our rural Midwestern simplicity. Most big city folks don’t drive (many, like our son, don’t even own a car). They live in smaller spaces that don’t allow for much food storage. And there are people everywhere. When something catastrophic like a superstorm hits, the problems they face are much different than our own.

Hurricane Sandy reminds us of the importance of giving. Isn’t it awesome how Americans come together and help each other?

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