Historic Masonry Befitting the Freemasons

Wisconsin Masonic HomeI frequently drive past these three brick buildings just outside Dousman, WI. Located on Hwy. 18, about a quarter mile west of Hwy 67, these quaint structures are lined up like shed-size dominoes.

Sturdy dominoes, that is.

Interested in their history, I made a few phone calls. I didn’t come up with much other than they are now owned by the Wisconsin Masonic Home. Apparently, there was once a beautiful, brick home on the grounds as well.

The building pictured above was at one time a church, according to the phone receptionist at the Masonic Home. I love the ornate trim and chimney design. And look at the brickwork over the double doors. Awesome!

Wisconsin Masonic HomeAnother ornate chimney and interesting arched doorframe.

Wisconsin Masonic Home

The same arched door frame.

Does anyone know the story on these buildings? Please share! Each structure has a story of its own and deserves to be told.

Need help telling the story of your historic building? Drop me a line!

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