St. Mark’s Lutheran, Watertown, WI

It’s an exciting time for St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and School, in Watertown, WI. Its 3000+ members are currently raising funds to build an addition and renovate their elementary school building.

Like many congregations, St. Mark’s maintains a tight budget. Members expressed concern, even doubt, that they could take on additional financial responsibilities. To combat this skepticism, the 3-member communications committee chose an appeal theme with this twofold goal in mind:

1. Create a positive attitude among members
2. Reinforce the trust we have in God’s plan for his people

Because the school mascot is the lion, they correlated their theme with Isaiah 11:6, in which the child leads the lion and the lamb. A reoccurring quote has been “St. Mark’s lambs will one day become our lions.”

Creating a logo within its budget was important for St. Mark’s (pro-bono, in fact). To make efficient use of time and cost, I started with stock vector images and then customized them for our purposes. The result is a bright, contemporary logo that’s used in publications, banners, letterhead suite, dvd and T-shirts.

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