Is WordPress for Your Business?

isidora creaciones

Last weekend I had the opportunity to review some excellent work at the AIGA Wisconsin 2012 Student Portfolio One-On-One. Not only did I meet exciting young designers, but I also enjoyed talking shop with my professional peers. One of the topics we discussed at length was WordPress.

In recent months I’ve done custom WordPress sites for several clients. In fact, I’ve done more WordPress than traditional sites, and I wondered if this was the direction to go.

The general consensus? Yes.

WordPress used to be considered a “poor man’s website,” but not anymore. Nowadays there are so many gadgets under the hood, it will take you just about anywhere you want to go with your website.

It’s not just for blogging either. I customized the WordPress site above for my client Isidora. She’s a talented artist and musician, and she wants a traditional-looking website she can manage herself. In the long run, she’ll save money because she won’t have to hire me to update her portfolio or her song listing.

Besides usability, WordPress offers a greater SEO bang for your buck. It’s got very streamlined coding so it zooms faster through the internet. WordPress also lets you integrate your website into social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, all of which ramp your visibility in the searches.

Maybe you think you’re not techie enough to use WordPress?

Well, think again. It’s a friendly program and I’m a friendly teacher. Along with my custom design package comes a one-on-one training session that will easily get you off and running.

Hey, Isidora and I are working together pretty well, and we don’t even speak the same language!

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