Bank Business: Old and New

The Coffee Vault

How interestingly appropriate.

Today I met with new website clients who are bank equipment entrepreneurs. And where did we meet? At the Coffee Vault Cafe, a fabulous shop in a 1908 bank building in Dousman, WI.

In addition to a productive meeting with my clients, I had the fun opportunity to talk with cafe owner Roxanne Vincent. She shared the history of her coffee shop and building itself. It’s a fascinating story of renovating old buildings for new purposes—you’ve simply got to click here and read more about it!

Old buildings offer unique marketing opportunities. Roxanne expressed this same opinion in the October 2006 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article she has displayed on her wall.

“I always wanted to open a coffee shop that was unique and offered architectural details,” the article quotes Roxanne as saying. “This (The Coffee Vault Cafe) is a compilation of mixing old with the new, as far as the feel of the place.”

What do you think?

Does old architecture offer marketing opportunities not found elsewhere? How are entrepreneurs using old buildings to promote their business? And how are they visually bringing awareness to both—their building and their business?

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  1. Historic architecture definitely is a marketing advantage. Given the chance to dine in a restaurant in an old building or a new, I’ll pick the old anytime. So much character, history and stories. Oh, the stories!

    The trick though is for businesses to use that old building as part as their identity. Emphasize its uniqueness. Point out its charm in conversation, print and online.


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