Lakeshore Lutheran Schools, Manitowoc

I recently had the privilege of working with Lakeshore Lutheran Schools (LLS) of Manitowoc, WI. LLS is an association of 17 schools along Lake Michigan’s western shore. It’s conservative in nature, but has a wonderfully progressive vision for promoting Lutheran education to families of the surrounding community.

Kevin Buch is admissions director for the association and working with him was great. He has an intuitive understanding of the organization he represents, both its strengths and its challenges. I was most impressed with his forward-thinking — definitely a positive trait for anyone involved with schools!

Kevin expressed the association’s ideas for an inviting and uncomplicated logo. We also decided it should convey unity, togetherness and strength, all of which the association appreciates through its faith in Christ.

I think we’ve done just that. And here it is, the new Lakeshore Lutheran Schools logo!

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