Communicating Contentment

Summer days are lazy days for sheep. They eat and they lie around. They drink a lot of water. Then they eat and lie around some more. Such a life, eh?

This summer’s been pretty nice for my sheep because, in spite of recent dry weeks, their pastures have been lush and green the whole summer. I generally let them graze on one pasture for a few days. Then when they’ve eaten it down, I move them onto another pasture where new, thick grass tempts their palate.

This makes them happy sheep. Full. Content. And they lie around some more.

Anyone who knows sheep knows life is good when they see their flock lying around. As ruminants— animals with four stomachs—sheep will eat their fill of forage in minutes and then lie down and chew their cud for hours. This chewing is actually a regurgitating, rechewing and reswallowing of the grass they’ve eaten, creating a natural antacid, so to speak, which allows for better digestion in all those stomachs.

Isn’t that appetizing?

Well, I suppose not. But from a practical standpoint, a flock of sheep lying down and chewing their cud is a healthy flock. They’ve gotten enough to eat. They’re digesting in the proper manner. They are happy and content.

David, the Psalmist, is someone who knew sheep. When he wrote of lying “down in green pastures,” he wasn’t just penning creative prose. David knew sheep lie down when they are cared for and content. Using subject matter he knew best—the simplicity of sheep farming—David beautifully characterized the confidence he felt in God’s loving care.

I love to look out at my pastures and see my sheep. And as they look up at me, with jaws gnawing away, I know the good care I give them is fragmentary beside the complete care God gives me.

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  1. I love, love, love your blog. So many helpful thoughts. I noticed you haven’t posted since August. Perhaps you’re just busy? I’m a graphic designer/marketing consultant getting ready to begin employment as communications director with a large church in my area. I’m thanking God that I found your site. What can you offer by way of information and tips about a church’s website?

  2. Thanks Phoebe for your compliments. And my apologies for four months of negligence – I’m recently involved in my congregation’s fund appeal project for a new school. See

    It’s an exciting venture and God’s blessings are very obvious! As of January, after only six short months, our school will be finished. And yes, my new year’s resolution is to get back to blogging!

    Please bookmark my site and comment often. Your expertise will be much appreciated! Websites: coming up!


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