Art vs. Graphic Design

Golf and Art: A promotional brochure challenges me to stretch beyond my norm.

To QR or to Not QR (Code, that is)

  When my client and I planned this brochure, one of our points of discussion was whether or not to use a QR code. QR (Quick Response) codes are those white squares of digital design …

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Personifying the Perceived Impersonal

The legal industry is often perceived as cold and impersonal but Carol Lorenz, an attorney with Neuberger, Wakeman, Lorenz, Griggs and Sweet, shows how erroneous that generalization can be. She is far from cold and …

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Beefy Bathing?

I love the diversity of my job! Today I met with a new client, a longstanding law firm needing a promotional brochure. Their office is a beautifully renovated, old building—beautiful, traditional and formal. Think golden …

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