Overhead Coverage of Fun in the Sun

Commercial Recreation Specialists, Verona, WIOne of the things I love most about my job is its diversity. For example, here it is the middle of February and I get to write about inflated fun in the sun and adventurously wild water recreation. My client is Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS), of Verona, Wis., and it recently put out its new Waterfront Product Guide.

Here is the press release I wrote for the occasion.

Commercial Recreation Specialists, Verona, WICRS is an exciting company that focuses on fun. In fact, it’s serious about fun, as the CRS team likes to say. This is obvious, literally, as you page through the new catalog filled with action, color and, of course, lots of fun.

“Fun” is a word CRS splashes liberally throughout its content, yet not overly so. It’s part of the CRS voice and it’s one I embrace as I write the company’s press releases.

Commercial Recreation Specialists, CRS, Verona, WI

CRS is always coming out with new and innovative products. Interestingly, this leading-edge thinking comes through in their marketing as well. A majority of the product photos were taken with drone photography—how cool is that? These are great arial shots. Viewers get an overhead look at the product, yet not from such heights that they feel removed from the action. The drones also capture more of the landscape, which is one of the advantages of high perspective photography and something CRS needs to successfully showcase its line.

Want some water play on your next vacation? Make sure your resort peruses a CRS Waterfront Product Guide!


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