Wednesday Webs: January’s Reading List

My January Reading List

One of my 2014 goals is to read more books. Actually, I already read a lot—usually 2-3 books at a time—but I never finish them. This year: Cover to cover reading, both fiction and non-fiction.

Here’s my reading list for January:

  1. The Wealthy Freelancer, by Steve Slaunwhite, Pete Savage and Ed Gandia
    I’ve enjoyed and benefitted from Ed Gandia’s online education so this book has been on my list. Successful freelancing isn’t all about money. The authors help us examine what we think is important and what life we wish to lead.
  2. White Papers for Dummies, by Gordon Graham
    A good explanation of white papers and step-by-step directions for successfully writing them. I want to write more white papers for Adunate and other businesses.
  3. One Summer: America, 1927, by Bill Bryson
    This is my educational, stream of consciousness reading for the month (although I think I’ll still be reading it well into February and March). My brother, an avid historian, suggested this for our family’s burgeoning book club. Bryson lightens his heavy duty writing with humorous snippets like “an office secretary of high spirits and light intellect” and “the railroad ‘wandered confusedly around the upper Midwest, as if looking for a lost item’.”

And to help me organize and understand my reading:

  1. Goodreads: The Facebook for booklovers, it offers discussion, sharing and online book clubs.
  2. I Love Libraries: American Library Association’s (ALA’s) book recommendations for anything you want to know.
  3. How I’m Repairing My Reading Habits: Maybe this will help me finish my books.
  4. 2014 is Year of the Reader: Book Riot doesn’t agree with The New York Times‘ premise that books and reading them are dying arts. What do you think?


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