Wednesday Webs 1-12-11

It’s a bit cloudy today with snow possibly to come. I hope so. I’m kind of weird that way.

Interesting sites so far this week:

  • Help Move a Caboose. My first thought when seeing this cute, red caboose was “Wouldn’t this make a cool design studio!” Better yet, it will be a wonderful addition to Caledonia Historical Society.
  • We recently finished renovating the kitchen in our 1917 American Foursquare home, so naturally Period Kitchen Revival Tour caught my interest. To read the full article, click here. Great photos.
  • What started as an daily exercise in creativity has grown into the Daily Drop Cap, a branding blog for graphic designer Jessica Hische. She generously provides code for using drop caps on your own website.
  • Isn’t it awesome how normal, everyday people take action and make a difference? Kudos to the college student and the Facebooker who are rallying to prevent controversial protestors from disrupting 9-year-old Christina Green’s funeral.

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