NewWay Global Energy

Copywriting ▪ Logo & Branding ▪ Web Design

NewWay Global Energy is a front-running company working to develop the first pyrolysis-based waste-to-energy recycling plant in the U.S. As a startup, it needed everything from a logo and brand to a website and descriptive copy.

Because NewWay is a subsidiary of JWR, Inc., logos for both companies need to share a commonality. We did this by taking JWR’s swoosh, reversing it and putting it in front of NewWay’s name. We also carried through with the sizzling blue color.

NewWay’s product is cutting edge. It’s website needs a confident, clean, natural and earth-friendly look. And while its audience is of the technical nature, it’s also necessary to tell the product’s story without talking too much “shop.” NewWay’s website takes the complicated, such as thermal decomposition, and makes it quick and easy.

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