Tietz Family Farms

Specializing in homegrown popcorn, seasonal produce, pork and eggs.

Tietz Family Farms is an 8th-generation enterprise (yes, EIGHT!) owned and operated by Randy and Tammy Tietz and their three children. Together they produce homegrown popcorn, seasonal produce, pork and eggs. 

Popcorn—did I mention popcorn? As in six delicious varieties grown right there on the farm and hand-packaged by Tammy herself.

Like many businesses, the Tietz’s found themselves adversely affected by COVID-19. In all manner of pandemic pivots, they opened their farm store every Saturday morning (previously a seasonal event) and they decided to update to an e-commerce website.

Running a farm is hard work and Tammy is a very busy lady. She needed a site she could manage herself that was intuitive and without technical detail. A WordPress framework customized for their farm was just the ticket.

Tammy has a devoted customer following and they were accustomed to extensive hand-holding as they ordered from her previous website. For her new site, it was important we develop a shop they could easily order from on their own.

Not only has Tammy mastered managing her own website, her customers are now ordering on their own as well. This gives Tammy more time for running her business.

And oh, what a poppin’ good business she has!

“A huge THANK YOU to Diahann Lohr of Adunate Word & Design LLC for her talent (and patience with me) in setting up an updated and friendlier website. Our online ordering system is now up and running!”

—Tammy Tietz, Tietz Family Farms
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