The Real Estate Duo

The Real Estate Duo is a dynamic duo of expertise and pizazz. With a combined 80 years of real estate experience—yes, that’s correct, 80 years! — you can bet these ladies know their stuff.

“We know the backroads and byways,” say Terry Donahue and June Herman. “And when it comes to real estate, we’ve seen it all.”

In 2013, June and Terry decided to set aside their decades in agency real estate and get back to what they truly love—working directly with buyers and sellers. No agents, no staff, no distractions.

Thus began The Real Estate Duo.

June and Terry wanted a logo that said professional, friendly and unique. The organic blue underline showcases their name and their beautiful home office overlooking the Rock River.

June and Terry also wanted a website that they themselves could manage. Adunate set them up with a customized WordPress site and blog, and tutored them on how to use it. The ladies now share not only helpful resources to buyers and sellers, but also news of themselves, their interests and travels. Such personal touches connect them to their target market and contribute to who they are as people.

“Adunate delved into getting to know our business and our personalities, our goals and our dreams.“

—June Herman and Terry Donahue, The Real Estate Duo
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