Sunshine Stephens Yoga

Copywriting ▪ Print Design

Yoga is an important routine here at Adunate. Fluid movement, focused breathing, increased blood flow—it’s the perfect antidote to long hours in front of the computer and a designer’s need for open, creative thinking. So when yoga instructor Sunshine Stephens came to me for a business card I raised my arms high, pulled my shoulders down my spine and said you bet!

Sunshine describes herself as symmetric, orderly and minimal. Yoga is very much the same. With this in mind, we gave Sunshine’s card an uncluttered look with a repeating sunray design. Yet, because yoga practitioners are as diverse as they come, we made the sunrays different sizes and spread them randomly over the surface. We used Sunshine’s favorite teal color and contrasted it with an energizing orange.

When Sunshine completed her Vinyasa Flow 200-hour Teacher Training, it was important she locally share her news. Adunate submitted a press release that not only promoted her professional achievement but also highlighted the benefits of Vinyasa yoga.


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