Prairie Wind Family Farm

Prairie Wind Family Farm is a caring, 40-acre farm in Grayslake, IL. Owned and operated by Jeff and Jen Miller and their two sons, they provide USDA-certified organic food by way of a CSA, farm stand, food pantries, farm-to-table lunches, and partnering farms.

Jen called me asking for a logo update. They liked the windmill and eggplant color of their current logo, but wanted something “less sterile and with more life.”

As I talked with Jeff and Jen, the values they hold immediately came to the forefront. Words such as trustworthy, kind, integrity, professional, family-oriented, responsible, evolving, caring for the land, and, of course, healthy came up again and again. It was important we show these values in their logo.

Prairie Wind Family Farm is located within the unique conservation community of Prairie Crossing. As partners with Liberty Prairie Foundation, the Miller family mentors next generation farmers to care for the land. The movement of the grasses and scripted type in the logo well convey this forward thinking.

Prairie Wind Family Farm is honored to grow, share, and collaborate in providing food with integrity for the people of northern Illinois. Designing the logo within a circle brings its elements together, just as the Miller family does their community. Allowing the windmill or the nameplate to reach beyond the circle emphasizes their outreach to others.

“We worked with Adunate Word & Design and the design project was a fun one! Designer Diahann encouraged us to include our boys’ thoughts, feelings and opinions into every decision…When the boys finally said, ‘This feels like us,’ we knew the design was right!”

—Jen Miller, Prairie Wind Farm weekly newsletter
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