Octoberfest Brewery Tour

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Personal projects are the mainstay of creative exploration. Given that, what could be more fun than designing for a vacation; namely, an Octoberfest Brewery Tour. It’s our very own celebration of sipping and scenery and I don’t know what I enjoy more, planning the itinerary, designing its promotional poster, or partaking in the vacation.

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Art on Tap

You don’t have to be a brew buff to appreciate its advertising as an art form. It’s Art on Tap, as they say. The designer in me is fascinated by both vintage and contemporary beer branding.

What about branding your product in today’s beer market?

Nowadays, the industry is incredibly saturated and there’s a continuous flow of newcomers. No matter how skilled a brewmaster you are, you can’t get the word out without a good, solid brand. Good water, good brand; they’re the necessary ingredients for a successful beer.

A Cultural Celebration

My personal favorite brands are those that capture the terroir of the region and the story of the people living there. Hanging in a taproom, sharing hellos and sampling the suds—such simple fun and emotional connection. That’s the spirit I’ve used when designing my posters.

Octoberfest Brewery Tour 2016, promotional poster
Octoberfest Beer Poster by Adunate, Oktoberfest
Beer poster by Adunate Word & Design, 2014

Are you a handcrafter looking to mark your beverage? Let’s brainstorm names, design, and full-line branding. Give me a holler!

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