Ice Age Trail

Every hiker needs a checklist!

Like many people during COVID, I became hooked on hiking. Along the way, I fell in love with Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail and needed a way to check off the segments I’d completed.

Voilà! My Ice Age Trail poster hit the drawing board.

The concept behind this poster included both form and function. I wanted it to be beautiful enough for people to hang on their walls. Yet it also had to serve as a segment-by-segment checklist for hikers challenging themselves to Wisconsin’s natural wonder.

As a designer, it’s important I recognize the values of my target audience. Outdoor adventurers are commonly respectful of nature and take measures to preserve its beauty. I printed my poster on recycled paper and I’m shipping it in equally sustainable packaging.

Are you a hiker and looking to check off your segments on Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail? I’ve got just the thing for you. Check it out here.

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