Tolerating Ambiguity for National Entrepreneurship Week

This week is National Entrepreneurship Week and one of these 20 questions for entrepreneurial literacy is “What is ‘tolerance of ambiguity’ and why is it important to an entrepreneur?” I admit I wasn’t sure what was meant by tolerance …

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Wednesday Webs: Things I’m Learning in January

I just came home from a morning yoga class. Ah, there’s nothing like an hour of sun salutations with friends to chase away the winter blahs. I’m energized. I’m motivated. I’m itching to do something constructive with January instead …

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Business Cards as Unique as the Woman Handing Them Out

Last year I began formally practicing yoga twice a week from a local studio. In just a few months I gained more strength and flexibility than I had from more than a decade of following CD’s from home. Yep, practicing under …

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