Day #5: A Heart-Swooning Logo on Pearl St. (on St. Andrew St.)

One of the fascinating things about our Octoberfest Beer Tour has been the diversity of breweries. We’ve sampled beer from a boutique 100-barrels-a-year brewed in the Corner Pub’s basement, to the cranked 320,000-barrels-a-year at Minhas‘ updated, multi-structured complex. We found our …

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Glamorous in Its Own Way

This past weekend my husband and I were hit with the antique bug, a periodic affliction that sends us perusing auctions and antique shops. The auction we hit was a dud. But the Waterloo Antiques …

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Wednesday Webs 2-9-11

Today I’m working at my office on 1st and Pittsburg. Looking out the window, there are old, manufacturing buildings everywhere, many of them now repurposed in new ways. Sad that not all buildings can be renovated as they …

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