What’s Your Opinion?

Do political opinions hurt or help your business? Here’s what you should know.

Visual Communication is an American Right

In case you haven’t noticed, my wonderful state of Wisconsin is in a bit of turmoil. I’m being rather facetious here, because unless you’ve been vacationing on Mars since February 11, you’ve certainly witnessed much …

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How (Un)Ethical is Our Design?

Yesterday, my daughter and I discussed a recent New York Times article regarding criticism of an Obama cover photo. The photo was used by the weekly news magazine The Economist for its June 19 issue. It …

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Public Relations: For Churches Too?

Happy Inauguration Day! Whether you’re Democrat, Republican or an Independent, you’ve got to admit President Barack Obama certainly has captured the public’s attention. Yesterday alone, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Obama reiterated his strong …

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Politics from the Pulpit?

I’m a writer, not a preacher, so I can’t authorize what comes from the pulpit. But “Politics from the Church Newsletter” just doesn’t have the ring to it, and as we all know, it’s all …

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