Merry Christmas! And Viva la Vida!

Pantone’s Color of the Year is brave, fearless, a joyous and optimistic celebration. Here’s how to do Christmas the same way.

New Year, New Color, New Word

With a New Year comes a new color and a new word. Pantone’s got the color, Adunate’s got the word.

Creative Thinking for The Blogging Bee

Last week Chris Kirsch and I were excited to kick off The Blogging Bee, a collaborative venture in teaching fiber-istas the fine art of blogging. Today I’m going to approach The Blogging Bee from an art director’s view. I want to share …

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Wednesday Webs: Happy New Year!

I found this sign last summer in front of a Madison fitness salon. Good ol’ Mark Twain always says it best. And what better time to pull out such a motivating quote than the midst …

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